CPanel Hosting

CPanel is a control panel for hosting management. It combines the most common functions that are used for web hosting and presents them in an intuitive and easy to use GUI (graphical user interface). It enables you to manage your hosting with the minimum of effort.

What can I do with CPanel?

CPanel boasts many useful features, some of which you’ll use more often than others. The following is a list of the more commonly used hosting functions and an explanation of what they will do.
  • Web Mail
    You can easily read your mail online using a choice of 3 different email applications (Neomail, Squirrel Mail, and Horde). Are you often out of the office but need to access your mail? Well simply access the Internet and log into your control panel to read your mail, its that simple. Never miss an email again!

  • Spam Assassin – block your email Spam!
    Do you find yourself endlessly deleting spam mail in your inbox? Have you come to the point that reading your mail is now too time consuming due to the sheer number of spam you receive? Well host with MediaBag and with our hosting solutions say goodbye to spam!

    Your control panel comes equipped with an leading edge anti-spam tool called Spam Assassin. Spam Assassin will help you combat unwanted spam emails. You can set your own thresholds for spam detection. You can flag the subject line of suspect spam emails so that you no longer have to open each and every one of them - how about seeing *** SPAM *** on each of these rather than a misleading message title? Now they are easily identifiable in your inbox and their deletion requires less effort saving you precious time. Or you can even automatically delete flagged spam email even before it enters your inbox!

  • Easily manage your databases
    For our Professional and Reseller hosting solutions, CPanel offers you an easy to use MySQL administration interface. This allows you to effortlessly administer your databases - create databases, database users, assign database privileges and more.

    Additionally you can manage your content using the every popular phpMyAdmin. Using this tool you can browse your database content, search your information, make changes to its structure, or simply change your content. All through one intuitive interface.

Additional CPanel features:

Email - Manage Accounts , WebMail, Default Address, Auto Responders, Filtering , Forwarders, Mailing Lists, Spam Assassin

Account Statistics - Webalizer Web Stats, Analog Stats, Latest Visitors, Bandwidth, Error Log, Raw Log File, Raw Log Manager

File Manager - Manage your online files and uploads using this browser based file manager.

FTP - Manage Accounts, Anonymous Setup, Login Message, Manage Sessions

Site Management - Backup, Web Protect, Change Password, Custom Error Pages, Redirects, Mime Types, Apache Handlers, Frontpage Extensions, Search Engine Submit, HotLink Protection, Index Manager, Ip Deny Manager, Disk Usage Viewer

Domains - Manage SubDomains, Manage Parked Domains, Manage Addon Domains, SubDomain Stats

If you have any further questions to ask, then simply use our contact us online or ask on our support forums.